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29 Artists

Published March 15, 2019



29 Artists

by Christopher Walsh

Privately published. www.chriswalshphotography

124 pp. Large format paperback, AUD$55.00


Chris Walsh handed me a copy of this book after a talk on Chinese art at Delmar Gallery.  It’s a series of large photos taken in the studios of 29 Chinese contemporary artists. There are a few well known figures such as Wang Qing Song or the Luo Brothers, but most of these artists will not be immediately familiar to Australian readers. There are a number who are included in the White Rabbit collection, which might spark the odd recollection. With hardly any text it takes approximately two minutes to read the book. The photos are stylish and intimate, but don’t do anything that hasn’t been done already with photos of artists in their studios. One can see how Walsh’s style has been shaped by his work in fashion and advertising.

For Australian artists most of these studios would be to-die-for.