Good Weekend Art Column

Good Weekend Art Column

Erwin Fabian – Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney

Saturday, September 14th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Erwin Fabian Lives: Albert Park, Melbourne Age: 103 Represented by:Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney (Australian Galleries, Melbourne) His thing. Abstract sculptures in metal and wood. Our take.Erwin Fabian was born in Berlin in 1915 into an artistic family, and grew up during the years of the Weimar Republic. In 1938 he left for England, from where he […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Regina Pilawuk Wilson – Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne

Saturday, September 7th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Regina Pilawuk Wilson Lives: Peppimenarti, West Daly region, NT Age: 71 Represented by:Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne (Michael Reid, Sydney) Her thing.Complex, hypnotic paintings based on traditional themes. Our take.In the small community of Peppimentarti in the north-western corner of Australia, Regina Pilawuk Wilson is the matriarch. She founded this settlement in 1973 with her late […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Hiromi Tango – Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney

Saturday, August 31st, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Hiromi Tango Lives: Tweed Heads, NSW Age: 43 Represented by:Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney (MARS Gallery, Melbourne) Her thing.Multi-media works in which abstraction and repetition are used to psychotherapeutic ends. Our take.Hiromi Tango takes a holistic approach to art, working across different media, often collaborating with other people. Her creations can be on a grand scale […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Mary Tonkin – Australian Galleries, Melbourne

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Mary Tonkin Lives: Olinda, Victoria Age: 46 Represented by:Australian Galleries, Melbourne & Sydney. Her thing.Immersive paintings of the forest, created en plein air. Our take.Most artists will take a sketchpad or a small canvas to paint outdoors but Mary Tonkin regularly lugs panels of 90cm by 180cm into the forest near her home in the […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Luke Storrier – Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Saturday, July 27th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Luke Storrier Lives: Darlinghurst, Sydney Age: 36 Represented by:Olsen Gallery, Sydney (No Melbourne representation) His thing.Sculptures, paintings and mixed-media works, hovering between abstraction and figuration. Our take.Some might think that to be the son of one of Australia’s most prominent painters would be an advantage for an up-and-coming artist. Luke Storrier might see things differently. […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Amber-rose Hulme – Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Saturday, July 6th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Amber-rose Hulme Lives: Templestowe, Melbourne Age: 31 Represented by:Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne (M Contemporary, Sydney) Her thing.Exacting photorealist pastels of graffiti-covered walls. Our take.Amber-rose Hulme is a young artist whose rapidly growing popularity shows that realism – or realism-with-a-twist – never goes out of fashion. Hulme has a degree in genetic science but since graduation […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Dina Goldstein – Lyons Gallery, Sydney

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

  Artist: Dina Goldstein Lives: Vancouver, Canada Age: 49 Represented by:Lyons Gallery, Paddington, Sydney (Plus galleries in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France and Portugal) Her thing.Humorous-but-serious, elaborately staged colour photographs on the theme of religion in a secular world. Our take.Every year Sydney’s Head-On Photo Festival gets bigger and more ambitious. Among a range of leading […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Tim Maguire – Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

Saturday, May 11th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Tim Maguire Lives: Tarn-et-Garonne, Southwest France & Rosebery, Sydney Age: 60 Represented by:Tolarno Galleries Sydney (Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney; Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich) His thing.A dazzling series of one-off abstract digital prints composed by a roll of the dice, along with painting and video. Our take.Tim Maguire has always been keen to experiment with different […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Ronnie Tjampitjinpa – Utopia Art, Sydney

Saturday, April 27th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Ronnie Tjampitjinpa Lives: Alice Springs Age:around 76 Represented by:Utopia Art Sydney (no Melbourne representation) Her thing.Classic western desert paintings by an old master of the Papunya Tula movement Our take.Ronnie Tjampitjinpa was one of the original group of men who began painting with acrylic on boards at the Western Desert settlement of Papunya Tula […]

Good Weekend Art Column

Bec Juniper – Fox Galleries, Melbourne

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 Good Weekend Art Column,

Artist: Bec Juniper Lives: Hamilton Hill, Fremantle Age:53 Represented by:Fox Galleries (Wagner Contemporary, Sydney; Linton & Kay, Perth) Her thing. Evocative, abstracted aerial landscapes of Western Australia. Our take.Bec Juniper is an artist who stands in the shadow of a more famous parent. Her father, Robert Juniper, was one of the best-known painters in Western Australia, […]