Blog Numero Uno

Published May 18, 2011

To blog or not to blog? That is the question. Up until recently I would have answered: No way. But with each day, as newsprint becomes more and more obsolete, it seems that the virtual world is becoming a more reliable platform than the real one. My prejudices against this form of communication were probably honed by reading so many awful blogs, but hey, there are plenty of awful books too. Some of them, cf. The Da Vinci Code, become best sellers. This site is intended as an archive of the many reviews and essays, mainly on visual art topics, that I’ve accumulated over the years. Readers often complain that it’s impossible to find this material on the Sydney Morning Herald website, so this is an attempt to repair the omission.
Because an archive is only interesting to those who are searching for a specific item, there will also be a blog. I promise it will not be written like an essay. I promise it will not dwell too long on what I had for lunch, or whether I’ve paid my gas bill. Personal details will be kept within strictly decorous limits. I’ll try not to rave. As the weeks roll on I’ll gradually upload more and more archival material, while attempting to keep this web journal up to date. I’ll be in Hong Kong for the Art Fair from 24 May, and in Europe for the Venice Biennale and Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark, in early June, so there should be plenty of material to discuss. This is not to imply that Sydney is ever short of subjects… but even patriotic Aussies need to escape these expansive shores from time to time.